Change is inevitable. As we experience change over the course of our lives, we face these two fundamental questions:

What do I need to know, in order to live my life to the fullest? 

What shall I focus on and be faithful to?

One of the key messages in King of Change is that it’s important to give unselfishly. We mustn’t give with the expectation of receiving; we must give in order to be able to receive. 

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"You have to stop and reconsider your own life, while reading "King of Change".
Beautifully written, well told and with great morale."

Soulaima Gourani
CEO Capital Aid & International Advisor

"King of Change is beyond doubt the best life wisdom novel since the adventure novel Momo of Michael Ende."

Alfred Josefsen
Management Advisor & Chairman of Boards

"King of Change endures awaiting you want and have the courage to look into oneself.
And that happens sooner or later."

Tidsskriftet Markedsføring
Danish Marketing Magazine

"King of Change is about dreams, strengths, and empowerment, but also what happens when you have achieved your goals and lived your dream."

The Paperboy newspaper

"King of Change is a vibrant, nuanced narrative that creates a confidential space between itself and the reader for all that being human is about. The book is equipped with a large number of one-liners, each of which is a guide to life's plans. It’s a powerful book that runs deep. I already make use of it myself."

Neal Ashley Conrad Thing, author, literary reviewer, and researcher

"A novel that every reader will be able to relate to. Rarely do I encounter such an engaging book in an author’s debut. Christian Bjerring has written an exciting and extremely compelling novel that every reader will be able to relate to."

Martin Lindstrom, New York Times best-selling author

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